Palindrome battle. The aim of the game is to find the maximum length palindrome. A palindrome is a sequence that is the same forward and backward. For example: 1221, LEVEL, NOON, 0000, etc.

To specify a palindrome, drag your mouse or finger from one end of the palindrome to the other. All intermediate cells will be highlighted. Polindromes can be located on several lines. In this case, the palindrome is transferred to the next line as text - the beginning of the next line is connected to the end of the previous one.

When you find a max palindrome, you move on to the next round. In the beginning, game will be easy. But with each level, the difficulty will increase.

If it's really difficult, there are hints in the game.

There are 12 levels in the game in total. Each next level has more tasks than the previous one. The first tasks are solved in seconds. The last one will take minutes.

You can play with friends or random opponents in different types of tournaments: who is faster, who is more accurate, who is the best.

For each tournament won, a crown is given. Try it, win!

To play with friends, create a new tournament and share the tournament number with your friends. Or select "Random Opponents" and you will play with other random players.

The game is ideal choice to spend time interestingly.


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Really cool game! Very fun, challenging but not too difficult.